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Studio Storyboard is a multi- disciplinary design firm specialising in architecture, urban design and interior design. The firm is involved in rendering its services in various parts of India. It comprises of a team of diligent and enthusiastic architects and designers, and is involved in exploring various dimensions of the tangible and intangible spaces through their work.

The studio believes that understanding the nuances of the client's brief is the most vital factor before the commencement of any project and that the best architectural solutions spring from an open and enthusiastic collaboration between the architect and the client.


The firm enjoys a reputation of being extremely responsive and committed during the course of a project and is intricately involved in all stages of a project- right from the conceptual stage till completion.

Our Design Philosophy

At Studio Storyboard, we believe that each project is unique and has its own story to narrate through its architecture.


The Studio, through its designs, aims to re- define and re- invent the existing notions of the built and unbuilt spaces around us. The design process emphasises on asking the right questions!


The experience of a space by its users is the prime focus of our design, taking into consideration its response to the site and its context. Bridging the gap between people, culture and nature forms the core philosophy of the Studio. Prime emphasis is laid on the brainstorming sessions involving all team members, at the beginning of any design process, where the research and analysis on site conditions, response to climate, construction materials, techniques of construction and overall impact on the environment are aspects of intense discussion.


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We, at Studio Storyboard, believe that in order to achieve the desired result in any architecture project, the design process, understanding the materials, and the knowledge regarding construction techniques are the most important factors. We are highly committed to provide the best architectural solution for any project, keeping track of the budget and time constraints, and work with our Clients to ensure all their requirements are met.


When it comes to  renovating, re- modelling or designing the interiors of a residence, office, restaurant, store, or any other space, it’s crucial to use the right combination of materials, textures, furniture, lighting and colours to create a functional, ambient and visually appealing design. We are dedicated towards ensuring that all these parameters are met, and are extremely particular about the minute detailing and longevity of each aspect of the design.


As an architecture studio, we understand our responsibility towards the society we live in. We feel that as qualified professionals it is our duty to strive for continuous research regarding various facets of the built and unbuilt environment, which is very crucial in the present Indian context. We love collaborating with like- minded professionals and organisations from diverse fields of study, and if you wish to partner with us for any research project or initiative you can contact us at

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Studio Storyboard

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