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How We Work

Providing Everything You Need

Architect on Building Site

Involvement from Concept stages till Completion on site

We believe designing a structure is only half the job done. Realising it on site is an equally challenging task. We are involved in a project all through the construction process, right from the initial concept stages till the completion of the project on site, with regular periodic site visits.

Quality Checks During Construction

An aspect often ignored by Clients, this is among the most important factor which defines the final built structure. Every material being used on the site is checked by us for quality standards. We check even the techniques that are used on the site by masons, artisans and other workers. This is an extremely necessary step that helps us maintain the quality of construction.


Designing as per your Budget Constraints

We believe its extremely important to construct a project within the budget of the Client. So, right from the initial stages of the design, the overall budget is the prime indicator for our design decisions. The cost of each aspect of the building and its impact on the final cost of the structure is a matter of intense analysis. Therefore, you'll always be aware of the final estimated cost of the project.

Cost- Saving Construction Techniques

Over the years, we have specialised in using various cost- effective construction techniques which help save your expenditure, without compromising on the overall design and aesthetics. We have spent years learning and devising these techniques and we teach these to the workers on site during the course of the project.

Using a calculator

Verifying Contractor's Bills

One of the most difficult task for any Client is verifying the bills of a Contractor. How would you know if what you are billed for is correct? The measurements of work on a site is extremely complex for the understanding of most people. That's where we step in. We check and verify all the quantities of materials and items of work quoted by the Contractor, and verify their rates as well so that you don't over- pay for any item of work.

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