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Courtyard House

The Courtyard House intended to act like a vacation house for the Clients, who wanted to spend some quality time amidst a serene and natural environment, away from their hectic life in Mumbai. The design needed to justify this serenity and the essence in its approach, in terms of its concept, layout as well as the use of building materials. Various cost- effective and sustainable features are key to the design of this house, and stress has been laid on reducing the cost of construction and over- all impact on the environment, without compromising the quality of construction and the spaces produced.


Special emphasis has been laid on creating a traditional setup which triggers a sense of relaxation and nostalgia in the inhabitants of the house. The idea is to diminish the ever- so- evident ‘boundary’ between the ‘interior’ and the ‘exterior’, and merge the two in a free- flowing manner. The prime focus of the design is the view of the Western Ghats, which the design celebrates quite vocally. In addition, the house also comprises of a central courtyard (boasting of a Tulsi Vrindavan), which acts as a focus and breathing space for the various interior spaces and interlinks them.

To summarise, just as the Clients intended, the design of the house would wish to take them back through the memory lanes and help in bringing them closer to nature and above all, celebrate life!

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